To the supporters of Sola

​2018 Summer


It has been 8 years since the East Japan Great Earthquake. I sincerely pray that our Lord Jesus walks with those who were afflicted by the disaster and are struggling to reconstruct their lives and communities. May he give them consolation and encouragement.


I would like to report to you that Sola has decided to hand over its activities to the Bridge, a regional support network headed by Pastor Tatsuo Nakazawa, which has been heavily engaged with the local communities. To maximize those relationships that Sola has fostered over these years, we believe it is more effective for the Bridge to take over and carry out activities than for Sola to do them on its own.


From now on, the Bridge plans to offer various activities to support children under the name of Sola, mainly in the coastal areas of Miyagi Prefecture. The activities will include summer festivals, Christmas events, playing with children, and giving them necessary items as gifts. Sola will solicit donations to cover their expenses.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your generous support to Sola over the years.


Children needed and deserved much support at the time of disaster, but the local churches could not address those needs immediately. However, thanks to the help and assistance extended by Christian support organizations, volunteers and many churches, Sola managed to support children from the early stage, albeit in a very humble way.


Child support activities will become even more important, not to mention at the time of disaster. We at Kokubunji Baptist Church are committed to responding to various situations wherever support activities for children are needed.

Hiro Yonai

Representative of Sola

Pastor, Kokubunji Baptist Church


ひらた みほ

平田 美保

Miho Hirata (Coordinator)

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